Five best and worst albums of the year so far

So because we’re basically halfway through the year I thought it would be good to do a rundown of my five best and worst albums so far. At the end of the year I’ll do my final ten best and worst and by then this list could be pretty different.

Five worst albums:

5.  The Blackout – Start The Party: While this wasn’t exactly a bad album it is easily the worst thing The Blackout have released and that’s even more disappointing considering it’s their fourth album. Almost every song on the album sounds similar and “You” is without a doubt the worst song The Blackout have ever recorded. Fortunately it’s not all bad as there are still a few good songs there such as “Radio” and “We Live On”. In the end Start The Party was just a seriously disappointing album from a band who are capable of more.

4. Paramore – Paramore: Whilst some might have considered this to be a bold new direction for Paramore, in reality it’s just a Pop-Rock band releasing a Pop album. The album is full of forgettable songs and for the first time on a Paramore album the band almost feel irrelevant. The album does get a bit better with repeated listens but it doesn’t stop it from being boring and that is the biggest problem with Paramore. Also the ukulele interludes on the album are complete filler and serve absolutely no purpose.

3. Fall Out Boy – Save Rock And Roll: What do you do when you’re one of the biggest Pop-Rock bands around and have been on hiatus since 2009? Well if you’re Fall Out Boy you bring out an album called Save Rock And Roll and you don’t put a single Rock song on it. Instead the album is just full of songs where Fall Out Boy try to sound like other pop acts. The problem isn’t that Save Rock And Roll is a Pop album though, it’s that it just lacks any originality, “Young Volcanoes” sounds like it could have been released by Bruno Mars. There’s nothing wrong with bands trying out new things but here Fall Out Boy just lost what made them great.

2. Sleeping With Sirens – Feel: This could have easily been at the top (bottom?) of this list, Feel isn’t just one of the worst albums released this year. It’s one of the worst Post-Hardcore albums I’ve ever heard. It really sums up everything that is wrong with Post-Hardcore right now. Feel is just a soulless album from a band who are mainly succeeding because of how vocalist Kellin Quinn looks. What’s even worse is that Sleeping With Sirens showed some promise on their debut album.

1. Falling In Reverse: Fashionably Late: This has easily been the most divisive album of the year. Some have praised it for it’s variety and the fact it’s so ridiculous that it must be fun. Yes the album is varied and it is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard for a long time. But it is awful in just about every way. Having to listen to Ronnie Radke rap about his “white boy swagger” and “rocking Gucci sneaks” is not a nice experience. This album is just self indulgent crap. And when Ronnie isn’t rapping about how amazing he is we get generic Metalcore and Synth-Pop songs filled with awful lyrics. Falling In Reverse are a terrible band and Fashionably Late is an offensively bad album.

Five best albums:

5. Senses Fail – Renacer: A lot of bands come out and say “this is our heaviest record yet”, and a lot of the time it doesn’t turn out to be true. But this was not a case here, Renacer is an album that will shock any Senses Fail fan on their first listen. The band have almost completely reinvented them here, which is fitting considering the albums title means “to be reborn” in Spanish. The album perfectly blends heavier and melodic moments and it is just a brilliant Hardcore Punk album.

4. Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal: When a British Metalcore band reach number 3 in the UK album charts then it’s pretty clear they are a big deal. On Sempiternal, Bring Me The Horizon have continued to push boundaries within the Metalcore scene. Bringing in even more electronic elements this time around thanks to new member Jordan Fish has really helped . And most importantly the album is just full of great songs. “Go To Hell For Heavens Sake” is a huge anthem is a massive chorus whilst “Antivist” is perfect for getting the pits going. Whilst it’s not quite as good as their previous album, it’s great to see Bring Me The Horizon try something a bit different here.

3. Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart: There are few musicians in the UK who are as hardworking and passionate as Frank Turner. Tape Deck Heart is his fifth studio album and is easily one of his best. The album is packed full of emotion and is Frank Turners most personal album yet. For some this might have been a problem but the strength of the songs on this album make up for it. The likes of “Recovery” and “The Way I Tend To Be” are some of the best songs Frank Turner has released.

2. Killswitch Engage – Disarm The Descent: A few years ago Killswitch Engage were beginning to fade away, then their original vocalist Jesse Leech rejoined and suddenly people started to take notice of them again. Disarm The Descent  is Killswitch Engages first album with Jesse since he left in 2002 and is one of their best. Opening track “The Hell In Me” gives you a great idea of how the album is going to sound. Crushing riffs, monstrous screams and the biggest choruses of the year. Killswitch Engage are back and they look set to reclaim their place at the top of the Metalcore scene.

1. Bleed From Within – Uprising: Honestly there could not be a more fitting title for this album. Bleed From Within have been hanging around in the British Metal scene for a few years and have always shown signs of potential and they have finally risen to that potential and brought out the best British Metal album in years. When comparisons to Lamb Of God are thrown around it’s clear that Bleed From Within are one of the best new Metal bands around. Uprising is a crushingly heavy album filled with massive songs. Front-man Scott Kennedy proves he is one of the best young vocalists around and the band all sound amazing, the main riff to “It Lives In Me” will definitely get people going crazy live. This really could be the album that takes Bleed From Within up to the next level and makes them one of the biggest Metal bands in Britain.



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