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Album Review: Attila – About That Life

ImageJust by looking at the cover of Atlanta Deathcore band Attila’s latest album you could probably get a good idea of what you’re about to hear. About That Life is about as shallow as music gets, Attila care about partying and little else. However this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as About That Life is a lot of fun to listen to.

One thing that is clear from the beginning is that Attila have started to incorporate more elements from Hip-Hop this time round. Opening track “Middle Fingers Up” begins with a rap from vocalist Chris “Fronz” Fronzack before things really kick off. From here on it’s familiar territory with plenty of breakdowns, Deathcore growls and Fronz’s ridiculously fast screams. Musically the album has quite a bit in common with Nu Metal as some of riffs sound like they could have easily been on a Korn or Limp Bizkit album. This prevents the album from getting too repetitive as it isn’t just breakdown after breakdown. “Callout” further brings in more of the Hip-Hop elements which helps to give the album a bit more variety and is also Attila’s middle finger to people like Ronnie Radke and Christofer Drew. It’s not all good though, lyrically this album is absolutely terrible and at points boarders on being offensive. For example “Break Shit” features the line “Fuck this shit, punch that bitch” and there are plenty of other lyrics like this. In the end though the album is simply just trying to be a load of ridiculous fun and Attila at least seem aware of this fact. They don’t take themselves too seriously and songs like “Rageaholics” and “Party With The Devil” will definitely get crowds going when played live.

About That Life isn’t really a great album, but it is good fun. It’s 40 minutes of dumb party tunes designed to get pits going and little more and it is definitely Attila’s best album yet so that progress has to be appreciated. If you’re a fan of Deathcore then it probably is worth checking out About That Life, there are worse ways to spend 40 minutes. (6)



Live Review: The Mosh Lives Tour – Islington Academy, London

Emmure returned to the UK on a headline this month after a successful run supporting Parkway Drive last November. Support for this tour came from Buried In Verona, Obey The Brave, Attila and Chelsea Grin. For fans of Deathcore this was not a gig to miss.

First up tonight was Australian Metalcore band Buried In Verona. Musically Buried In Verona might seem like fairly standard Metalcore but they do it extremely well. They play with a lot of energy and really try hard to get things going. Unfortunately due to their early set time the room is still quite empty when they start. However the few people who are there to see them seem to be enjoying it a lot jumping around and headbanging as well as a few die hard fans singing every word. By their final song the first pit of the night opens up and things really get going. Hopefully it won’t be long before Buried In Verona are playing higher up on line ups. (7)

Next up is Canadian Hardcore crew Obey The Brave. The band launch into a set of killer hardcore tunes and pits open up almost immediately. By the time Obey The Brave started the room had filled up meaning they didn’t suffer from the same problems Buried In Verona did. Frontman Alex Erian constantly called for the crowd to participate by moshing and opening circle pits. Again Obey The Brave have some die hard fans in singing every word back to the band. This was a great set from Obey The Brave. (8)

Following Obey The Brave was going to be hard and were Attila up to the task? The band certainly thought they were and so did a large portion of the crowd. Attila are clearly a band who love to party and this is what nearly all their songs are about. The problem with Attila is that their songs just aren’t very good. The energy might be high from both the band and the crowd but the songs are what drag everything down. Even worse are the screamed rap sections which are almost impossible to understand. However plenty of pits, crowd surfers and fans singing help save their set from being a completely awful. (5)

Fortunately Chelsea Grin are up next and what follows is 40 minutes of brilliant Deathcore. Frontman Alex Koehler delivers an incredible vocal performance and the band sound incredibly tight. The newer, more melodic songs such as “Lilith” and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” help to mix things up aduring Chelsea Grin’s set. Of all the support bands Chelsea Grin had the most fans in and they loved every minute of Chelsea Grins set. This was a performance almost worthy of a headlining slot. (8)

Finally tonights headliners Emmure take to the stage. Now Emmure are definitely one of the most divisive bands in modern metal Both loved and hated in equal measure. But tonight Emmure continue to prove that as a live band they are fantastic. Opening with “4 Word, 3 Posions” the crowd start moshing and singing along right away. However when they launch into “Solar Flare Homicide” afters things get insane. From then on its non-stop chaos from Emmure. Frontman Frankie Palmeri constantly moving around stage, his vocals sounding almost monstrous. Emmure’s setlist drew from all of the bands albums and every song went down brilliantly with the crowd. The moment set closer “MDMA” finished their were chants for more, this crowd weren’t ready to go home yet. Emmure soon returned to the stage to blast through a two song encore of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” and “Chicago’s Finest” which Frankie dedicated to every band that played tonight. Once they finished playing members of Emmure came down to the front to thank fans who stuck it out at the front all night. (9)

Overall The Mosh Lives Tour was a great night and it really did live up to its name. Most bands delivered brilliant performances and despite me not personally enjoying Attila, lots of people did.  (8)