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Live Review: A Day To Remember – KOKO, London

It has been almost two years since A Day To Remember last played in the UK and tonight they make their return playing the KOKO in Camden. After such a long time away some were starting to doubt whether people still cared about A Day To Remember. But after tonight’s show sold out in an hour i’ts clear that A Day To Remember are more popular than ever.

First up though was Your Demise, playing one of their final London shows as a band tonight was always going to be a special show for them. Launching into “Push Me Under” pits opened immediately and the entire room was bouncing. Your Demise have always been an incredibly fun band to see live and tonight was no different. Front-man Ed McRae constantly calls for crowd surfers throughout the set and the crowd respond with swarms of fans flying over the barrier and the band play with an incredible amount of energy and passion.  Despite being a late addition to the line up there was still a large amount of Your Demise fans here, which shows that they were a fantastic choice to open. Ending with regular set closer “The Kids We Used To Be” always ends things on a high as Ed joins the fans in the crowd during the songs final chorus. (9)

Despite the great reaction for Your Demise, it was nothing compared to the moment A Day To Remember stepped onstage. Opening with new song “Violence (Enough Is Enough)” resulted in absolute chaos and following this with “2nd Sucks” kept the intensity up with every fan screaming the words and constantly moving. From here on ADTR continued to fire out fan favourite’s and didn’t let up, when they can play a song as good as “I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?” four songs into a set and still top it later shows how many great songs ADTR have. They are also a band who know how to have fun, with beach balls being thrown into the crowd on “All Signs Point To Lauderdale” and t-shirts thrown during “Better Off This Way”. The energy from the band and the crowd just doesn’t stop, even on softer songs like “Have Faith In Me”, it all results in what is probably one of the sweatiest shows ever at the KOKO. A Day To Remember even play “Another Song About The Weekend” for the first time anywhere in Europe and this gets an incredible reaction. It’s clear that after being away so long, ADTR are happy to be back playing a show in the UK. Front-man Jeremy McKinnon even gets quite emotional at points due to the reaction they receive. A Day To Remember offer another taste of the upcoming album Common Courtesy with “Right Back At It Again” before “The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle” brings their main set to a close. Finally everyone is given a break during the first part of A Day To Remember’s encore as they play a short acoustic set, with an acoustic version of  “It’s Complicated” being a nice surprise for fans before “If It Means A Lot To You” results in the biggest singalong of the night. “All I Want” and “The Downfall Of Us All” see one last burst of energy from the band and the crowd with the final pits opening up and fans crowd surfing again before the fans are showered in confetti at the very end. (10)

It is great to have A Day To Remember back after such a long time. It’s clear that when they do play a full UK tour they will play venue’s much bigger than the KOKO and they really deserve to. During the set Jeremy states that A Day To Remember might not be the best band but they care and its clear he really means it. Most fans tonight would disagree with the first part of that statement as A Day To Remember have proved themselves to be on of the best bands in both the Pop-Punk and Metalcore scenes. Mark my words, A Day To Remember are taking over the world. (10)


Live Review: Don Broco – The Koko, London

Tonight was the final night of the second part of  Don Broco’s UK tour supporting their debut album Priorities. It is also the biggest headline show the band have played to date. Having completely sold out The Koko tonight was a big deal to Don Broco and could they rise to the occasion?

First up was British Pop-Punk band Decade. While there might not be much depth to their pop-punk songs they still play an enjoyable set. The odd mosh pit opens up during the set and enough of the crowd jump around and have a good time. Decade definitely get the night off to a good start. (7)

Next up were Pure Love. To put it simply Pure Love are one of the best live bands around right now. Throughout their 30 minute set the band keep surprising the crowd. Whether its front-man Frank Carter spending the majority of the set in the crowd, guitarist Jim Carroll appearing up on the venues balcony to play a guitar solo with Frank then climbing up from the crowd to join him to bringing the whole drum kit into the crowd for the final two songs. Its just incredible to watch and the band seem to be having the time of their life. Not only is the performance great but Pure Love have the songs to match it. The likes of “Bury My Bones”, “Handsome Devils Club” and set closer “Riot Song” sound absolutely massive, with Frank and Jim leading the crowd in a singalong during “Riot Song”. Frank Carter constantly makes jokes throughout the set keeping the tone lighthearted and fun, it really was just an incredible performance and would be almost impossible for any band to top. (10)

Unfortunately for Don Broco they just cannot quite top Pure Love. That’s not to say they weren’t great, but following Pure Love was always going to be tough. Opener “Priorities” gets the crowd bouncing right away and that energy carries on for their whole set. Fan favourite “Thug Workout” see’s an attempt at a massive “push-up human pyramid” as well as the biggest mosh pit of the night. The band bring their main set to a close with “Actors” which the crowd absolutely love, especially when front-man Rob Damiani calls for crowd-surfers. Don Broco then returned to the stage for a three song encore of “Yeah Man”,  “Hold On” and “Fancy Dress” with giant balloons thrown out into the crowd during “Hold On”. It is a great way to end the night but ultimately Don Broco’s performances does feel slightly underwhelming after Pure Love. (8)

So whilst tonight might not have been a complete triumph for Don Broco , they still proved they are more than capable of playing in these bigger venues and putting on a great show. Expect big things from Don Broco in the future. (8)