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Live Review: Trash Talk – The Underworld, London

Tonight is the first night of Californian Punks Trash Talks short UK tour and a show at The Underworld in Camden was always going to be a crazy one. Unfortunately I was unable to catch Carnival Kids who opened tonight.

Main support for tonight came from Welsh Rap collective Astroid Boys who might seem like an odd choice for support at a Hardcore show but once they begin playing it’s pretty clear why they were picked. Astroid Boys blend Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Hardcore together and within a few songs the majority of the room is bouncing and moshing. However after their first few songs everything just goes wrong for them. Serious sound issues mean the band have to cut their set short. Tonight Astroid Boys showed potential to be a really good live band but things just don’t go their way this time. (5)

Trash Talk on the other hand suffer no such problems. Instead the band blast through their set of aggressive and fast paced Hardcore Punk, rarely giving the audience a break. Bodies fly around The Underworld off of the venues balcony and the pit just doesn’t stop moving. Vocalist Lee Spielman constantly comes down the the crowd to encourage fans to crowd surf, even offering out weed to crowd members willing to come and get it from him. Earlier sound issues clearly aren’t present for Trash Talk as they sound incredibly tight. The only complaint that could really be made is that for a barrier had been set up in The Underworld tonight which created an unwanted gap between the band and the fans and Trash Talk made it clear they weren’t happy about the situation. This seems to be happening more often and is a shame. Apart from this it’s a great show from Trash Talk who have proven themselves to be one of the most exciting Hardcore bands around. (9)

Problems caused by the sound and addition of a barrier prevent tonight’s gig from reaching its full potential but Trash Talk still put on a great show. Hopefully The Underworld won’t make the barrier a permanent addition as it really does hurt the atmosphere at shows like this. (7)